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Women‘s Guard Fitness Gloves reliably protect the hands from calluses during exercise in the gym. In addition, they are equipped with practical wraps that strengthen the wrists in a comfortable manner. The non-slip layer in the grip area ensures that your barbell does not slip out of your hands. These gloves will be appreciated by all active women and fitness enthusiasts.

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Woman's Guard Fitness Gloves prevent your hands from forming calluses while working out with a barbell or a horizontal bar

Women’s Guard Fitness Gloves provide protection and comfort for your hands while working out in the gym. They are made of a combination of nylon, polyester and PVC, thanks to which they reliably absorb sweat. This material is highly durable and protects your hands from calluses and other abrasions. In addition, the gloves are equipped with a non-slip layer in the grip area, which ensures that your barbell doesn't slip out of your hands. The gloves provide great comfort whether you are training on a horizontal bar, with dumbbells or other sports equipment.


In addition, these fitness gloves are equipped with a practical wrap in the wrist area, which will strengthen your wrists comfortably. Another advantage of the gloves are the practical loops placed at the ends of fingers, which will help you in taking the gloves off. They are sure to be appreciated by every fitness and strength training enthusiast, as well as any other regular gym goer. 


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Women's Guard Fitness Gloves & their advantages 

  • protect your hands from calluses and abrasion during exercise
  • made of a breathable material that absorbs sweat
  • the anti-slip layer strengthens your grip
  • equipped with loops for easy undressing
  • practical wrist wrap to strengthen the wrist
  • suitable for training with dumbbells, on a horizontal bar or machines in the gym



42 % nylon, 55 % polyester, 3 % PVC     


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