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Full Leather Fitness Belt is a practical aid for supporting your core intended for use by strength athletes. It is made from sturdy and durable leather, meaning you can fully rely on it. It helps stabilize your back, which contributes to your safety when lifting heavy loads. This means you'll be able to lift heavier weights. The belt is ideal for heavyweight lifters, powerlifters, crossfit athletes and other strength athletes.

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Full Leather Fitness Belt - strength training aid for stabilizing your core which helps improve your technique and increase your maximum lifting capacity

Full Leather Fitness Belt is a practical and highly effective training accessory designed to support your midsection when lifting heavy weights. It is made from sturdy and durable leather, meaning you can always rely on it. The back of the belt is widened so as to provide better stability to the lumbar spine. The area is also equipped with additional padding to increase the user's comfort. The belt is fastened with a robust double buckle, which allows you to perfectly adjust the length of the belt to your needs.


Full Leather Fitness Belt is perfect for squats, deadlifts and other strength oriented exercises. When lifting heavy weights, it will help you maintain stability in the spine and midsection, meaning it will improve your technique and allow you to lift heavier loads. The belt will add to your safety when performing particularly demanding exercises. It is ideal for all heavy weight and powerlifters, bodybuilders, crossfit athletes and other strength athletes.


    Full Leather Fitness Belt - GymBeam


Full Leather Fitness Belt & its advantages 

  • practical fitness aid for strengthening your midsection 
  • made of pure leather
  • widened in the back area
  • padded for better comfort
  • double buckle fastening
  • easy to adjust
  • supports the spine stability when exercising
  • ideal for squats, deadlifts and other strength exercises
  • suitable for heavyweight and power lifting, bodybuilding, crossfit and other strength sports


Size chart of the belt

S 10.16 cm 100 cm
M 10.16 cm 105 cm
L 10.16 cm 110 cm
XL 10.16 cm 115 cm
XXL 10.16 cm 120 cm


Belt size according to waist circumference

SizeWaist circumference 
S 63 - 82 cm
M 75 - 93 cm
L 87 - 106 cm
XL 93 - 113 cm
XXL 98 - 118 cm
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