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Ronnie Fitness Gloves are made from premium and durable split leather with an anatomic design. The ergonomic shape of the gloves ensures that they fit great and don't restrict your fingers. The gloves will protect your hands from abrasions, blisters, calluses and improve your grip strength.

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Ronnie Fitness Gloves made from split leather to perfectly protect your hands from calluses and injuries

Ronnie Fitness Gloves are high-quality gloves made from split leather. They boast rubber padded cowhide lining and leather palm. Therefore, they fit perfectly and will protect your hands during all intense workouts. The advantage of the cowhide leather is that the gloves fit the hand perfectly and are not too tight around the fingers. They boast an ergonomic design, making them extremely durable.


The gloves are further reinforced with a special lining and double leather palm, adding additional wear-resistance. Moreover, the gloves are firm, but not too tight. These fitness gloves are designed for professional athletes who are looking for quality protection of their hands during exercise.


Ronnie Fitness Gloves will thus protect your hands from abrasions, calluses, cuts, and even wick away sweat. Thanks to wearing them, your hands won't slip as much on dumbbells, pull-up bars, barbell or weight plates. Important! Do not wash the gloves in the washing machine.


Who are Ronnie Fitness Gloves designed for? 

This fitness gloves are designed for professional athletes to protect their hands during intense workouts, pressing and strength exercises.


Why opt for Ronnie gloves?

  • the upper part of the glove is made from premium and durable leather
  • tiny holes between fingers and a flexible pad for optimal air ventilation
  • anatomic design, double leather palm
  • thick, lined cotton wrist wraps to reinforce the wrist area and ensure additional stability of the hand
  • wrist wraps with Velcro closure


  • protect hands from abrasions, calluses and cuts
  • prevent your hands from slipping on exercise equipment, pull-up bars, barbell or weight plates
  • ideal for pressing and strength exercises
  • ergonomic design that makes these gloves durable
  • fit the hand perfectly
  • not too tight


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Palm circumference (cm) 18.5 - 19 19.5 - 20 20.5 - 21 21.5 - 22 22.5 - 23 23.5 - 24
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