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FIRM Knee Wrap is a practical training aid designed to stabilize knee joints during strength training, when the joints deal with a considerable strain. Once wrapped around a knee, it will reliably contribute to the protection of the joint from unnecessary injury risks. It's designed for heavy weight and powerlifters, as well as for all strength athletes.

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FIRM Knee Wrap for stabilizing knee joints during strength training  

FIRM Knee Wrap is a training aid that will help you at every strength training session. It is designed to help support and stabilize knee joints that are under strain during strength training. The wrap fits the knee reliably and provides your joints with extra security, helping lower the risk of undue injuries. It is 203 cm long, close to 8 cm wide and made from a combination of polyester and elastane. The Velcro fastening locks the wrap securely in place, so that you won't have to worry about it loosening up and losing the support function it provides. 


The elastic fastening will allow you to adjust the wrap to fit your knee perfectly, adding to the comfort when performing any exercise. FIRM Knee Wrap is ideal for heavyweight lifters, powerlifters and all the other strength athletes who want to avoid injury. Package includes two pieces. 



FIRM Knee Wrap & its advantages 

  • practical aid for strength training
  • fastened with sturdy Velcro 
  • serves to stabilize knee joints 
  • reliably fits around your knee 
  • supports the knee, protecting it from injury
  • made from high quality elastic material 
  • provides comfort for every exercise 
  • approx. 260 grams of weight



Made from polyester and elastane.                                         


Size Chart

Width (cm) 7.62
Length (cm) 203.2
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