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Face Mask ANTI + PM2.5 Filter should be a must for any person who cares about his and the surrounding people's health. It consists of seven layersSpecifically, these are 2 layers of fabric and 5 layers of a filter that can capture particles with a size of 2.5 µm. It holds perfectly on the face and, therefore, will provide you with reliable protection.

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Face Mask ANTI + PM2.5 Filter - maximum protection thanks to seven layers and active carbon

Face Mask ANTI + PM2.5 Filter is important for protecting yourself and people around you from the disease. It is made of seven layers. Specifically, there are 2 layers of fabric and a filter consisting of 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown, which are a common part of disposable face masks, and one layer of active carbon. Thanks to this composition, the face mask can capture even small particles with a size of 2.5 µm, which helps reduce the risk of disease transmission. You can feel good that you have done your best to protect yourself. The face mask itself is washable and reusable. The filter, which is inside, lasts up to three days when worn daily, and approximately two weeks when worn occasionally. After that, you need to replace it with a new one.


You don't have to worry that the face mask will bother you when wearing it. It is shaped to accurately adjust to the shape of the face, so it does not slip or roll up and is thus is as comfortable as possible. You can adjust its size exactly to your needs. It also features a nose wire, which will help the face mask to fit perfectly on every face and provide the necessary protection.


The face mask has a simple modern design. The one-colour design with the GymBeam logo on the side will make sure that everyone recognizes you as a person who works on himself. It will combine perfectly with sports and more elegant clothes. You can wear it to work, for shopping and training.


Face Mask ANTI + PM2.5 Filter - Gymbeam


Face Mask ANTI + PM2.5 Filter & its benefits

  • can capture particles with a size of 2.5 µm 
  • contains a filter that has five layers and is replaceable 
  • the filter also contains active carbon
  • helps protect against disease transmission 
  • has an adjustable size, so it is very comfortable
  • it can be washed



Outer layer: 95% polyester, 5% spandex, inner layer: 100% polyester.

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