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Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a practical fitness aid for home training. It is made of high-quality solid steel and its grips are made of fine soft foam for maximum comfort. It is ideal for training with your own weight and strengthening especially the back, chest, abdomen or arms.

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Doorway Pull-Up Bar - a great fitness tool for exercising the back, abdominal muscles and arms

Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a practical fitness tool for exercising the back, chest, abdomen and arms. The strength of the crossbar is ensured by the quality steel from which it is made. There are also 2 grips of soft fine foam for maximum comfort during exercise. It has a practical size, is easy to store and in addition, its length can be adjusted from 63 to 100 cm according to your needs. The multifunctional pull-up bar needs to be screwed. Adjust it to the required size of the door by turning both ends of the pull-up bar.


Doorway Pull-Up Bar

  • practical fitness tool
  • made from high-quality solid steel
  • features two handles made from soft foam
  • easy to store
  • adjustable length from 63 to 100 cm
  • suitable for exercising the back, chest, abdominal muscles and arms
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