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Cupid Padlock is a practical accessory that will help you secure your valuables. Despite its charming appearances, this lock is made of sturdy zinc alloy and perfectly secure. It can be locked using a three-digit code. Ideal for gym and other sports facilities with lockers. With your own padlock securing your locker, nothing will take you by surprise. 

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Cupid Padlock - a practical padlock with a charming design that will protect your valuables 

Cupid Padlock delights with its charming design beyond which is concealed a really sturdy build made of zinc alloy. This practical accessory will safeguard your valuables. It can be locked with a three-digit code, so that you don't have to worry about losing your keys. It is ideal for use at the gym or in any other sports facility equipped with personal lockers. 


You can easily carry it in your sports bag. This padlock will come in handy to every woman who enjoys sports activities in facilities that do not provide fully secure storage of belongings. It could be during a yoga session, swimming, running training, HIIT or other types of training at the gym. With Cupid Padlock, all of your valuables will stay safe, so that you can fully focus on your training performance at all times. 


Cupid Padlock & its advantages 

  • a practical padlock for securing your valuables 
  • boasts a charming BeastPink design that will underline your style
  • made from solid zinc alloy 
  • may be locked using a three-digit code
  • does not require a key
  • suitable for use in the gym or other sports facilities that provide personal lockers
  • easy to carry in your sports bag


How to change the padlock combination

The default unlock code is 0-0-0

  1. The padlock unlocks upon entering the correct combination of digits and pressing the heart-shaped button.
  2. Leave it unlocked.
  3. To change the code, use a pen or another similar object with a thin, sharp point.
  4. Locate a small hole with a hidden button underneath the digits.
  5. Press the button using the pointy object and hold it down.
  6. Enter the new combination of digits.
  7. After releasing the pressure on the hidden button, the new passcode will be set in place.
  8. Lock the padlock up again by shutting the shackle and changing the digits displayed.



100% zinc alloy

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