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Compression men’s leggings Black allow you to train longer. Thanks to quality material, they firmly hold your muscles and provide better performance. At the same time, they relieve muscle pain and help to remove moisture from the body, so they are comfortable and pleasant to wear.

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Men's Compression Leggings ensure better performance and greater comfort during training

Men's Compression Leggings are made for sportsmen who want to increase their performance and stamina. They support blood circulation, maintain body temperature and drain sweat perfectly. In addition, they accelerate muscle regeneration and eliminate muscle fever even after intensive training. You will love them for a pleasant material that does not irritate the skin.


Pánske legíny Black - GymBeam

The model is 185 cm tall and is wearing a size XL. 


80 % polyester, 20 % elastane


Size Chart

Length 87 cm 88 cm 91 cm 92 cm 93 cm
Waistline unstretched 64 cm 68 cm 72 cm 76 cm 80 cm
Waistline stretched 88 cm 92 cm 96 cm 102 cm 106 cm
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