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Compression Calf Sleeves are a basic piece of equipment for every runner and cyclist, as well as for other athletes. They're made from a highly flexible material that is meant to stabilize the calf muscles, reducing their vibration during performance. Additionally, the design allows for better blood circulation in the area, meaning the muscle lactates are washed away a lot more effectively, improving the muscle regeneration rate. 

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Compression Calf Sleeves reduce the vibration of muscle, improving your performance

Compression Calf Sleeves fit around your calf muscles and stabilize them, which reduces their vibration caused by performance and shock absorption. What's more, the sleeves are designed to improve the blood circulation in the calves, meaning the lactates produced in the muscles get channelled away more quickly, helping you boost your regeneration and in so doing also improving your overall performance. These properties make them highly popular among athletes who are looking to maximize their results, or avoid cramps when performing demanding physical activity.


Compression Calf Sleeves are made from highly flexible and quick-to-dry elastane. They can be worn in combination with any short socks or without socks. They're easy to roll up and pack into a backpack or a larger pocket, meaning you can always have them around. You will certainly appreciate their qualities whether you enjoy running, cycling, working out in the gym or hiking


Calf sleeves Black - GymBeam


Compression Calf Sleeves & their advantages 

  • made from a combination of nylon and elastane
  • adapt perfectly to the shape of the calf
  • quick to dry
  • reduce the vibration of calf muscles
  • compact
  • combine well with sports socks
  • can also be worn without socks
  • suitable for running, cycling, hiking and fitness



80 % nylon, 20 % elastane.     


Size chart

Calf circumference (at a maximum stretch) 19 - 43 cm 20 - 46 cm 22 - 49 cm
Length of the sleeve (unstretched) 30 cm 32 cm 34 cm

*On the calf sleeves size L/XL is marked as M, but corresponds to size L/XL.

**On the calf sleeves size XL/XXL is marked as L, but corresponds to size XL/XXL.

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