Activlab Complex Fat Burners

Complex Fat Burners from manufacturer Activlab is a category of products that have an ingredient profile designed to support fat burning and weight loss. This includes multicomponent fat burners with or without a thermogenic (stimulating) effect. Therefore, their ingredient profile includes proven compounds such as synephrine, caffeine or green tea extract (EGCG). However, if you are looking for a fat burner without stimulating effects, you can try, for example, supplements with L-carnitine or CLA. These complex supplements will be especially appreciated by people who aspire to lose weight, tone their figure and reduce their caloric intake.

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What are the effects of complex fat burners, and what do they contain?

The main advantage of complex fat burners lies in their ingredient profile, which brings together the effects of individual ingredients that complement each other. This way, you no longer have to puzzle over combinations of single component products. All you need is just one complex supplement, and you are golden. Choose the one that will suit you best in terms of its ingredient profile.

  • FueBurn is a premium supplement that boasts a whole spectrum of active ingredients in its ingredient profile. It relies on a proven trio of ingredients in the form of green tea extract (EGCG), caffeine and synephrine. These compounds have a thermogenic effect, which enables them to warm up the body, and thus promote the breakdown of fat into energy. Thus, in combination with physical activity, you can burn much more energy than without a fat burner. Moreover, it will also energize you before exercise, providing you with the means to achieve an even greater performance. This product also includes other active ingredients that further enhance burning fat.
  • Nero contains a combination of ingredients that are popular for weight loss. Apart from caffeine, its ingredient profile also includes extracts from green coffee and several types of tea, which are known natural sources of antioxidants. Moreover, it also contains L-carnitine, which is involved in the transfer of fatty acids (fats) to the mitochondria, where it is then transformed into energy. It can then be used for any kind of activity or movement.
  • Beast Burn was specifically designed for women who want to lose weight. It contains a wide range of active ingredients, including L-carnitine, caffeine, synephrine and various plant extracts. On top of that, it also contains chromium, which helps maintain normal blood glucose levels (blood sugar). Due to this, it is often linked to the reduction of appetite for sweet foods.
  • Night Burn contains a blend of active ingredients without caffeine or other stimulants. Therefore, it has no stimulating effects whatsoever and is suitable for use even in the evening without negatively affecting your sleep. What's more, it is sure to be appreciated by people who are more sensitive to caffeine. In addition to L-carnitine, it includes the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, and additionally, improve metabolism and thus affect the processes of burning and storing fat.

Whatever fat burner you choose, always keep in mind that the basis of successful weight loss is staying in caloric deficit. This occurs when you burn more energy than you receive in a day or a longer period of time. This can be achieved mainly through dietary changes, as well as through physical activity. Moreover, when you add into the equation a properly selected fat burner, you will make your weight loss efforts much more effective and speed up the whole process.

If you want to learn more about how to pick an effective fat burner, you should definitely check out our article:  How to Choose the Most Effective Fat Burner, and How to Use It?

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