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Chest Blaster is an innovative workout tool for strengthening your chest, arms, and entire upper body. It offers an adjustable degree of resistance, from 10 to 200 kg - a sufficient range for you to keep improving indefinitely. This hydraulic training device will shine in your home gym. 

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Chest Blaster is a hydraulic workout tool for strengthening your chest as well as the entire upper body in the comfort of your own home 

Chest Blaster is a practical training aid for everyone looking to maximise the volume and muscle tone of their chest. What’s more, it also provides effective stimulation for the muscles of your shoulders as well as the entire upper body. Its hydraulic mechanism is adjustable, offering a range of resistance from 10 to 200 kg, meaning it’s perfect for both beginners as well as advanced athletes. With Chest Blaster, you’ll have easy access to an effective workout for the lower, mid and upper portion of your pectorals. In a commercial gym setting, the same muscles are usually exercised on a pec-deck (aka butterfly machine). However, as opposed to the pec-deck, Chest Blaster takes up much less space, making it perfect for use in a home gym.


Aside from exercising your upper body in regular workout sessions, you can also use Chest Blaster anytime you need to pump up your muscles so as to make them appear larger, while providing them with a maximum growth impulse. It’s made from aluminium, thanks to which it is very lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. Working out with it is highly comfortable and effective, in no small part thanks to the anti-slip handles that ensure you a solid grip. Chest Blaster will no doubt quickly become an integral part of your regular training routine. 


Chest Blaster & its benefits

  • an effective workout tool
  • ideal for strengthening your chest and arms
  • uses a hydraulic mechanism
  • adjustable degree of resistance from 10 to 200 kg
  • 20 resistance levels
  • anti-slip handles
  • comfortable grip
  • ideal for a home gym
  • suitable for both weight loss and muscle gain
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