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The Bottle Stand is a practical accessory that will help you keep track of your bottles. It's made of acrylic and its adhesive bottom surface will ensure that it stays in place wherever you set it up without accidentally moving around. It is an elegant solution for people who enjoy a tidy household.

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Bottle Stand - a practical and stylish home accessory for storing bottles  

This Bottle Stand is a suitable home accessory for anyone who enjoys a tidy household. This highly practical stand is made of acrylic, decorated with the stylish GymBeam logo. It holds up to 4 bottles with diameter up to 9 cm. It is perfect for storing your ReHydrate hypotonic drink or Liquid L-Carnitine fat burner. 


The stand is equipped with an adhesive surface at the bottom, which serves to ensure a stable position on a variety of surfaces. It is a suitable accessory for home, as well as a small shop, gym or sports club. It can be placed, for example, in your pantry or on top of your kitchen board at home. With this simple stand, you avoid having your bottles randomly scattered all over the place. 


Bottle Stand - GymBeam


Bottle Stand & its benefits

  • a practical tool for storing products in bottles with a diameter of up to 9 cm
  • made of acrylic
  • suitable for storing up to four products
  • stable on a flat surface thanks to its adhesive bottom surface



Length of the stand 53 cm
Bottle slot diameter  9 cm
Height of the stand 7 cm
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