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Blend Bottle Shaker Transparent-Orange has a volume of 400 ml, which is perfect for your favourite protein powder or any other nutritional supplements. It has a practical closure cap and a stainless steel ball inside which allow to mix thoroughly any protein powder, pre-workout stimulant or creatine. It’s a simple and handy shaker bottle for every athlete.

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Orange Blend Bottle Shaker 400 ml with practical closure cap

Blend Bottle Shaker Transparent-Orange is a popular shaker that combines the benefits of shakers for mixing protein beverages as well as closure bottles. In addition, it mixes nutritional supplements easier and faster. You can put it in your bag and take it with you to the gym, work or school and it will not leak.


Blend Bottle Shaker has a volume of 400 ml which is enough to prepare each serving of the drink, either before or after exercise. It contains a stainless steel ball, which will mix your favorite drink perfectly. The shaker bottle is transparent and has an orange cap with improved closure. 


Blend Bottle Shaker Transparent-Orange 400 ml - GymBeam


Benefits of Blend Bottle Shaker

  • perfect for mixing all powdered nutritional supplements
  • 40 ml volume
  • does not leak,
  • practical closure cap,
  • contains a stainless steel ball to mix any powder
  • scale in milliliters (ml) and ounces (oz)
  • made of high quality polypropylene PP
  • strong and durable, dishwasher safe, can be used in microwave or stored in refrigerator
  • does not contain BPA and DEHP, is made of non-toxic plastic
  • conforms to the food standards


Recommended use

First, add the the necessary amount of dietary supplement, protein, creatine powder or pre-workout to the shaker bottle. Then add water, milk, fruit drink or juice and put the lid on the shaker and make sure its securely closed. Shake the bottle vigorously till the powder is mixed with the liquid. Thanks to the stainless steel ball inside, the powder is mixed very quickly and just after few seconds you can consume your favourite drink.

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