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Blaster Biceps Isolator is a fitness practical tool made of solit iron. It's 58,8 cm long and it's designed for isolated biceps curl exercise. It maintains your arms strong and eliminates possibilities of facilitation to lift dumbbells with your bodyweight.

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Blaster Biceps Isolator - a practical tool for isolated biceps curl exercises

Blaster Biceps Isolator will help you effectively target your biceps to maximum while helping maintain correct technique. It's designed to be worn around your neck and made of iron. It helps stabilize your arms enabling you to keep correct posture for proper bicep isolation.


This way it ensures proper range of motion and prevent you from swinging the body to lift the weight during biceps curls exercise. Blaster Biceps Isolator will add a new dimension to your workout allowing to target your biceps as never before. You can thus achieve a bigger growth impulse for your biceps.


Blaster Biceps Isolator & its benefits

  • practical tool for your workout
  • made of solid iron material
  • used for isolated biceps exercises
  • prevents the body from swinging during biceps exercises



Length 58.8 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 8 cm
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