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BIO Date Syrup is intended for all lovers of the typically sweet taste who are looking for a less caloric alternative to sugar. The syrup is made from BIO dates, and it will attract you with its unique flavour, which goes well with desserts or drinks such as tea, coffee and smoothies. It does not contain any additives, so that vegans can also enjoy it.

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BIO Date Syrup - a healthier sugar substitute that has a delicious taste and fewer calories

BIO Date Syrup is a healthy sugar substitute that will win you over with its sweet taste and unique flavour right after you first try it. It is made from BIO dates and does not contain any unnecessary additives. That's why it is great for all lovers of simple ingredients, fans of a healthy lifestyle, but also vegans. If you are trying to lose weight, you will appreciate that it has about a quarter lower caloric value than normal sugar. So you can add it to your favourite drinks and dishes without remorse. It tastes perfectly in coffee, tea, and smoothies. You can also add it to healthy desserts. Its beautiful, dark brown colour will perfectly decorate pancakes, cakes, and breakfast porridge.      

           BIO Date Syrup - GymBeam


BIO Date Syrup

  • made from BIO dates
  • does not contain any unnecessary additives
  • a healthier sugar substitute
  • has a delicious, sweet taste and a unique flavour
  • has a lower calorific value than sugar
  • suitable for desserts, drinks, and breakfast porridge bowls



BIO Date Syrup


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values 100 g  *RDI per 100 g
Energy value 1255 kJ/ 300 kcal 14.9 %
Fats 0.6 g 0.9 %
- saturated fatty acids <0.25 g <1.3 %
Carbohydrates 72 g 27.7 %
- sugars 72 g 80 %
Dietary fibre 3 g -
Protein 1.5 g 3 %
Salt 0.05 g 0.8 %

* Recommended daily intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).



Store in a dry and cool place. Protect from direct sunlight.

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