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Balance Trainer is a handy fitness tool that will help you strengthen your muscles, improve your coordination and posture. Thanks to the soft rubber bumps it will help with better circulation of targeted muscle areas and will give a nice massage to the calf or the back, for example. Suitable for sitting and as an aid in rehabilitation exercises.

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Balance Pad is a practical fitness tool that can help you improve balance, strengthen muscles and posture

Balance Pad, also known as a balance cushion, is a handy fitness tool. It can help strengthen your muscles, improve your coordination and posture. It can be used for exercising or as a seating cushion, which you place on your chair at home or in the office. Moreover, it features a convex shape with one side covered in soft rubber bumps that can help with blood circulation and massage certain parts of the body.


Sitting on a balance pad can help strengthen the abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles of the deep stabilization system (core). This can be helpful if you want to have correct posture or to combat back pain. In addition, thanks to its surface, the pad helps reduce muscle tension, so you can also lean against it and relieve tired back muscles, for example. This makes it particularly useful for individuals with sedentary jobs that involve prolonged sitting in the office chair.


The Balance Pad is also used as an aid in rehabilitation exercises and can be found in the physiotherapist's office. You can stand on it and train balance or ankle and knee stability. It is also good for mid-body exercises or strengthening the spine or wrist joints. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable aid in rehabilitation after injuries to these body parts. The maximum weight capacity of the balance pad is 120 kg.



Balance Pad - GymBeam


Balance Pad & its benefits

  • a practical fitness tool
  • also known as a balance cushion
  • has a convex shape and soft rubber bumps
  • can be used for sitting
  • helps with proper posture
  • suitable for strengthening abdominal muscles and core
  • useful for training coordination
  • helps strengthen muscles and improve joint stability
  • suitable for sedentary work 
  • has a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg


Balance Pad Dimensions

Diameter 34 cm
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