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Balaclava Face Mask is designed for all athletes looking to keep their head and neck warm in winter. It is made from a functional and elastic material that perfectly fits to your head and reliably absorbs sweat. The front of the mask is fitted with mesh fabric which makes it easier to breathe in. It can be worn on its own, or as a base layer underneath a skiing helmet.

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Balaclava Face Mask made from functional materials keeps you warm while reliably absorbing sweat; may be used on its own or as a base layer underneath a skiing helmet 

Balaclava Face Mask is an essential accessory that should be among the fundamentals of your winter time wardrobe. This functional piece will help you keep your head and neck warm, even in extremely low temperatures. It is made from high quality polyester, which is flexible, durable, and reliably / wicks away sweat. The admixture of spandex makes the fabric adjust to your head better, thanks to which it fulfils its purpose as good as it can


Naturally, a solid face mask should keep you warm and allow you to breathe without any obstructions while doing sports. To this purpose, it is made with a mesh fabric section in front of the nose and mouth. Thanks to its functional properties, the mask is perfectly suitable for use on its own. However, it may also be worn as a base layer underneath your skiing or snowboarding helmet. 


Another great advantage of the mask is its simple design equipped with reflective safety elements. If you're looking for the best way to keep your head and neck warm while improving your safety, Balaclava Face Mask is the choice for you.


Balaclava Face Mask & its advantages

  • functional face mask for cold weather
  • outstanding durability and flexibility
  • pleasant to wear material
  • keeps your head and neck warm all while reliably absorbing sweat
  • made with mesh fabric section in the front for easier breathing
  • ideal for winter sports
  • may be worn on its own or underneath a helmet
  • suitable for both men and women



90 % polyester, 10 % spandex


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Height 34.5 cm 35.5 cm 36.5 cm
Width 23.5 cm 24.5 cm 25.5 cm
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