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AlphaMale Drink is a comprehensive testosterone booster tailored to the needs of the male body. This effective formula features a range of functional substances in the form of plant extracts, adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. For instance, zinc contributes to the maintenance of healthy blood testosterone levels and also supports optimal fertility and reproductive functions.

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AlphaMale Drink – a comprehensive testosterone booster containing L-glutamine, ashwagandha, and a variety of other substances, including zinc, which helps maintain healthy blood testosterone levels

AlphaMale Drink is a comprehensive testosterone booster with a carefully selected ingredient profile that is sure to please every man. It contains a total of 16 active substances, with L-glutamine at the forefront, which is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It serves as a building block for muscle proteins in the body. Additionally, it acts as an energy source for certain specific cells within the immune and digestive systems. As a result, L-glutamine is linked to athletic performance, immunity, and digestion. Along with L-glutamine, this complex also includes D-aspartic acid (DAA), which is also classified as a non-essential amino acid. It may be involved in processes related to the production of the growth hormone and testosterone in the body, which makes it used in the care of muscle mass and athletic performance.


AlphaMale Drink also features L-lysine, which ranks among essential amino acids. The human body is unable to produce essential amino acids on its own, so they need to be regularly supplemented either through diet or dietary supplements. In the body, they serve as the fundamental building blocks for proteins and other bodily tissues. The ingredient profile also includes L-arginine, which acts as a precursor to nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is associated with the widening of blood vessels (vasodilation), which goes hand in hand with blood supply to the muscles. This is what earned arginine a place among popular pre-workout supplements. The amino acid blend is further complemented by L-ornithine, which is part of the urea cycle – one of the body's detoxification systems.


The ingredient profile of this complex also includes selected vitamins and minerals. All men will surely appreciate the included zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy testosterone levels in the blood. It also supports optimal fertility and reproductive functions. Furthermore, it helps maintain proper cognitive functions, such as memory, thinking, and concentration. Next on the list is magnesium, which contributes to mental well-being and the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, it supports the normal functioning of muscles and the maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin B6, on the other hand, contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen, which serves as an energy reserve during physical performance. This complex also includes vitamin B5, which supports the normal production and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D, and certain neurotransmitters. Vitamin D3 then contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.


AlphaMale Drink also boasts a variety of functional plant extracts. The extracts of ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) and Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng) are certainly worth mentioning, as they rank among adaptogens. These substances are generally associated with beneficial effects on the body. Next, there is fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), which contains a functional amount of saponins with a structure similar to testosterone and other steroid-like substances.


The ingredient profile also includes an extract of maral root (Rhaponticum carthamoides) with the content of ecdysteroids, particularly beta-ecdysterone. Ecdysteroids have a chemical structure resembling that of testosterone. Additionally, the formula includes an extract from grape seeds (Vitis vinifera) containing active proanthocyanidins, which rank among antioxidants. In general, antioxidants help protect cells from oxidative stress. The extract from black pepper (BioPerine®) is also included and further enhances the potency of the entire complex.


AlphaMale Drink therefore offers a comprehensive solution with a broad spectrum of benefits, tailored not only to athletes, but to all men looking to take care of themselves. It is suitable for taking care of testosterone levels, health, and overall vitality. Additionally, it comes in a well-soluble powdered form that makes it easy to take. Simply mix it together with water and enjoy the refreshing taste of the resulting drink.


However, if the powdered form isn't for you, AlphaMale is also available in a capsule form, which has a slightly different ingredient profile but is just as effective. You can purchase it here.


AlphaMale Drink & its benefits

  • a comprehensive testosterone booster with a total of 16 functional substances
  • contains selected amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts
  • a source of the vitamins B5, B6, D3 as well as magnesium and zinc
  • includes adaptogens
  • contains beta-ecdysterone and saponins
  • supports the maintenance of normal blood testosterone levels
  • contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion
  • helps maintain optimal fertility and reproductive functions
  • contributes to proper muscle function
  • supports the regulation of hormonal activity
  • helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • supports the proper function of immunity, mental well-being and cognitive activity
  • has a refreshing taste
  • suitable for vegans



Green Apple flavour: L-glutamine, D-aspartic acid, magnesium citrate, acidity regulator (citric acid), safflower extract (Rhaponticum carthamoides) (90% beta-eddysterone), L-lysine, L-ornithine, L-arginine, natural flavouring, fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenum-graceum) (50 % saponins), ashwagandha root extract (Withania somnifera) (5 % withanolides), inulin, red Korean ginseng extract (Panax ginseng) (10 % ginsenosides), grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera) (95 % proanthocyanidins), zinc bisglycinate, colouring agents (spirulina, safflower), sweetener (sucralose), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), bioperine, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Wild Berries flavour: L-glutamine, D-aspartic acid, magnesium citrate, inulin, acidity regulator (citric acid), safflower extract (Rhaponticum carthamoides) (90% beta-edisterone), L-lysine, L-ornithine, L-arginine, natural flavouring, fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenum-graceum) (50 % saponins), ashwagandha root extract (Withania somnifera) (5 % withanolides), Korean red ginseng extract (Panax ginseng) (10 % ginsenosides), sweetener (sucralose), colour (beetroot), grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera) (95 % proanthocyanidins), vitamin B5 (calcium D-pantothenate), zinc bisglycinate, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), Bioperine® (black pepper extract).


Recommended use

Mix 1 scoop (8 g) with 200–300 ml of water, use a shaker. Take once a day.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 1 serving (8 g) *RDI per 8 g
L-Glutamine 1300 mg -
D-Aspartic Acid 1000 mg -
Maral root extract (Rhaponticum carthamoides) 600 mg -
Beta-ecdysterone 540 mg -
L-Lysine 500 mg -
L-Ornithine 500 mg -
L-Arginine 500 mg -
Fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenum-graceum) 400 mg -
- Saponins 200 mg -
Ashwagandha root extract (Withania somnifera) 200 mg -
Withanolides 10 mg -
Korean ginseng extract (Panax ginseng) 200 mg -
- Ginsenosides 20 mg -
Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera) 100 mg -
Proanthocyanidins 95 mg -
Magnesium 112.5 mg 30 %
Zinc 10 mg 30 %
Vitamin B5 48 mg 800 %
Vitamin B6 4 mg 333 %
Vitamin D3 10 ug 200 %
BioPerine® 1 mg -

*Recommended intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).



Food supplement. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Not for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dry place out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

Product detail
EAN 8586022217067
Height 17.50 cm
BIO no
Gluten-free yes
Lactose free yes
Vegetarian yes
Vegan no
Blend blend
Form powdered
Legal category of the product dietary supplement
Made in EU
Width 10.50 cm
HS code 21069098: --- Ostatné
Length 10.50 cm
Brutto weight 0.48 kg
Flavor group fruit
Plastic-free packaging no
No artificial sweeteners no
GMO free Yes
Number of pieces per package 20 pc.
Number of pieces per pallet 720 pc.
Netto weight 0.40 kg
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Main category Testosterone Support
Other categories Anabolizers & Pre-Workout Supplements
Sports Nutrition
Gifts for Him
Muscle Mass Growth


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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