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AB Sling Straps system is a practical fitness tool for home and outdoor training to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It attaches to a bar, or hooks using two carabiners. The straps are made of durable but comfortable material for your hands during exercise.

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AB Sling Straps - practical tool to strengthen your core and abs muscles

AB Sling Straps is a practical fitness tool that serves to strengthen the core of the body and abdominal muscles. It consists of two wide straps for your arms measuring 50 x 17.5 cm, which are attached to a carabiner. These two straps must carry the entire weight of the body, so they are made of durable, strong, but still comfortable material. You can hang carabiners on any hooks, or training bar. You can also use extra straps with a length of 40 cm, which you hang around the bar and attach to the carabiner. This is a very stable piece of fitness equipment that will fit perfectly into your workout plan for home and outdoor training. 


The straps system also includes a practical case in which you can store all its components. This makes it easy to carry, so you can take it with you anywhere.


AB Straps - GymBeam


AB Sling Straps & its benefits

  • used to strengthen the abdominal muscles and core 
  • made of durable and comfortable material
  • attached with a carabiner or extra straps 
  • has a practical case for its storage
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