ProSupps Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate from manufacturer ProSupps is a category of protein supplements also known as WPI (Whey Protein Isolate). They are derived from milk, and boast a highly beneficial amino acid spectrum. They are manufactured by first producing a whey concentrate, which is then used to derive whey isolate via filtration. This makes for a much “cleaner” product, meaning a whey isolate usually boasts a high protein content (80 % and more), while containing a lot less lactose (milk sugar), fats, and generally providing a higher absorbability rate. This kind of ingredients profile is particularly useful for strength athletes on a diet, who are looking for the cleanest possible sources of protein, or suffer from issues that complicate their ability to digest lactose. Products such as Pure IsoWhey or IsoFue are prototypical in this category. And if you enjoy refreshing fruit flavours, you will no doubt love Clear Whey IsoFue.

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Who can benefit the most from whey protein isolates?

  • Strength and endurance athletes looking to boost their regeneration after a workout
  • Anyone seeking to ensure a proper daily protein intake
  • Anyone looking to increase their protein intake to facilitate weight loss
  • Cooks looking to increase protein content in the dishes they prepare
  • Persons in convalescence after an accident.
  • Anyone looking to give their body a solid source of high quality protein.

What is the recommended serving amount of whey protein isolate?

With whey protein isolate, it is usually recommended to serve about 0.25 - 0.3 g per kg of body weight. If you can’t be bothered with calculating, you won’t go wrong with a serving of about 20 - 40 g of the product. This corresponds to a roughly topped 30 g measuring scoop. The upper limit of 40 g is intended for strength athletes after a full body training, when the body requires extra protein.

How to take whey protein isolate?

  • The typical way of using a protein isolate is to mix it with water or milk, creating a delicious shake that can be consumed anytime throughout your day.
  • However, it also tastes great in a variety of porridge bowls and oatmeals that will benefit  from the added protein. 
  • Whey isolate can be added to a dough to create protein-packed desserts
  • The unflavoured version is perfect for preparing savoury dishes, such as protein-enriched pizza.
  • It can be added to a smoothie or a cup of coffee, enriching your beverages with the much-needed protein. 

Would you like to learn more about protein supplements and how to choose properly from the wide selection available? If so, don’t miss out on our article Which Protein to Choose? Whey Concentrate, Isolate or Hydrolyzate?

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