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Sleep Supplements from manufacturer BeastPink is a category containing products to support sleep. It plays a key role in our overall health. It helps maintain many biological processes, such as the healthy functioning of the brain or the body's defence system. However, quality sleep is also necessary if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Its lack can cause that the biological processes in our body will not function optimally.

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How to support sleep

One of the best ways to support sleep can be nutritional supplements to calm the body, relieve tension or stress. Among the most well-known is, for example, melatonin, which contributes to shortening the time needed to fall asleep. What’s more, it also has an effect on the reduction of subjective feelings of fatigue after a long journey by plane to another time zone, known as jet lag.

Other effective nutritional supplements for sleep support include, for example, GABA or Ashwagandha. It belongs to adaptogens which are substances popular for its ability to reduce stress. Its high level often plays a role in the process of falling asleep. Ashwagandha can help manage stress better and reduce tension in the body, which is another piece of the puzzle for better sleep.

Choose from our wide range of products to support sleep and try their effects.

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