Amix Protein for Muscle Gain

Protein for Muscle Gain from manufacturer Amix include concentrated protein sources that will help you resupply your body with this crucial macronutrient instrumental in muscle growth. Depending on the levels of daily physical activity, every man should take in about 1.2 - 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight a day. In specific cases, such as when you are trying to maximize your muscle mass gains, the recommended serving increases to about 2.4 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. For some, taking in this amount of protein may prove a little difficult from just a regular diet, which is why protein supplements present the ideal tool to facilitate the required intake. 

A protein supplement can help you optimize your protein intake when your varied regular daily diet doesn’t quite reach your body’s demand for protein. It is ideal for use especially after exercise in the form of a drink, which will help your body regenerate, strengthen and grow the muscle tissue damaged during the demanding physical activity. You can also add it to your meals to create nutritionally complex treats that provide extra protein and reliably satisfy the stomach.

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Protein supplements for maximum muscle growth are generally based on whey protein, which boasts a beneficial amino acid spectrum. It particularly excels in its high content of essential amino acids (EAA), including leucine, which has a high anabolic potential. In addition, these products contain other ingredients that add extra support to your efforts for maximum muscle growth. These include added vitamins and minerals crucial for maintaining the proper function of your metabolism, nervous system as well as muscles themselves. On top of that, they contain creatine monohydrate, which can help you improve your performance during short training intervals. Last but not least, the category also includes compounds designed to improve the blood circulation, such as l-citrulline or l-arginine, which will further boost the effectiveness of your training, helping you give your absolute best in every workout.

Who can benefit the most from protein powders for muscle growth?

  • Athletes looking to boost their muscle regeneration.
  • Strength athletes focusing on making gains in muscle mass.
  • Anyone looking to increase their protein intake to facilitate weight loss
  • Persons in convalescence after an accident.
  • Anyone looking to give their body a solid source of high quality protein.

What is the recommended serving amount of protein powder for muscle growth?

With whey protein supplements, it is usually recommended to serve about 0.25 - 0.3 g per kg of body weight. If you can’t be bothered with calculating, you won’t go wrong with a serving of about 20 - 40 g of the product. This corresponds to a roughly topped 30 g measuring scoop. The upper limit of 40 g is intended for strength athletes after a full body training, when the body requires extra protein.

How to take protein powder for muscle growth?

  • The typical way of using a protein isolate is to mix it with water or milk, creating a delicious shake that can be consumed anytime throughout your day.
  • It can be added to a smoothie or a cup of coffee, enriching your beverages with the much-needed protein. 

Would you like to learn more about protein supplements and how to choose properly from the wide selection available? If so, don’t miss out on our article How to Choose the Right Protein for Weight Loss or Muscle Growth?

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