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Coenzyme Q10 60 caps - GymBeam

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Coenzyme Q10 plays an important part in production of energy and in protection of cells from damage and precocious ageing. It heightens aerobic sport activity, contributes to right function of the heart and strengthens it. It can be also used when someone has chronical tiredness, exhaustion, faintnes and decrease of strength. Also, it supports the whole regeneration of gums, it acts against bleeding and generally helps to faster healing of wounds and regeneration.

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Coenzyme Q10 strenghtens the heart, heightens sport acitivity, supports healing, regeneration, eliminates tiredness and exhaustion

Coenzyme Q10 is pseudo-vitamin (a substance similar to vitamins), which can be found in every cell of human body, especially in active and burden myocardium cells, brain and liver. It plays an important part in production of cells and in protection of cells from damage and precocious ageing. [1] Its purpose in production of energy on cell´s level is to gain energy with the help of oxygen (in ATP form) for organism. Thanks to that, it delivers energy and heightens aerobic sport activity. [2] [3] It contributes to right function of heart, strenghtens it, as well as immune system. It is a strong antioxigant and its presence in the human body is necessary.


coenzyme q10 gymbeam


Coenzyme Q10 is successfully applied when someone has chronical tiredness, faintnes and decrease of strenght. [4] It abates a risk of apoptosis (full death of cells), also supports the whole regeneration of gums and prevents from its bleeding and its injury. Generally, it helps to faster healing of wounds, what is very important, especially when someone is diabetic, where the whole process of healing is multiply higher than the process of healthy people. [5]


Despite that the organism is partly creating it itselfs, its consumption is very high, and because of that it is needed to add it. Moreover, during ageing, attrition of organism and in consequences of other factors it comes to its lack. Without coenzyme Q10 it is not possible flowing movement of bio-chemical acts v human organism, because it enables cells in the body transform received nutrients to needed sources of energy[5]


coenzyme q10 gymbeam


Higher needs on coenzyme Q10 have active people, athletes and manually working people. In case of abatement of coenzyme Q10 under needed level, it can shows itself in lower efficiency, lower tolerance of load, lower working activity, tiredness and lower regeneration ability. [6] [7] [8] Its absence can lead to deconstruction of energic balance, what effects different types of functional breakdowns in organism, with the biggest influence on the heart and reinforcement its function. Another after-effects are the whole weakening of organism, loss of vitality, lowering of ability to concentrate and acceleration of ageing not only physical organs, but also skin, because it comes to lower ability to regenerate cells in organism[9] [10]


Pronouncements of absence of Coenzyme Q10

  • Tiredness, exhaustion, absence of energy – after physical burden you feel tired, you are not able to do basic daily activities, you cannot think clear, you feel that you do not have enough energy in yourt muscles, your thinking is slower and also you can have a depression.
  • Weak immune system – immune system is higher acvitely metabolic, so, for its right action and function it needs enought of enegy. When you have lack of coenzyme Q10, you can be more predisposed on some illnesses, such as flu, herpes or cold.
  • Bleeding gums – low level of coenzyme Q10 was found in more than 60% patients, whose were suffering to oulitis.
  • Chronical pain – frequent migraines or headaches, muscles pain, fibromyalgia (chronical muscles pain, which are sensitive to contact).
  • Heart diseases – the heart is organ, which needs a lot of ATP energy. This energy is created through coenzyme, so, because of that it comes to lower supply of energy to cells. The consequence can be heart ischaemia, which can lead to heart failure, which is irreversible case.


Coenzyme Q10 and its benefits:

  • strenghtens the heart, vessels, muscles, brain activity
  • emilinates tiredness and exhaustion
  • protects cells from damage and ageing
  • participates on lowering a blood pressure and blood sugar
  • has antioxidant and antistress features
  • reduces oxidation of LDL cholesterol
  • accelerates convalescence and healing
  • cuts off and removes paradontosis, supports gums regeneration
  • accelerates regeneration
  • supports efficacy
  • supports immune system



Bulking agent (sunflower oil), capsule (gelatine), humectant (glycerine), coenzyme Q10, vitamin E (DL-alpha-tochopheryl-acetate), purified water, color (red iron oxide, titanium dioxide).



Daily use 1 tablet and drink down by adequate amount of water.


Schelude of nutritional values

Nutritional values1 dose (1 caps)
Coenzyme Q1060 mg
Vitamin E35 mg



Do not use in case that you are alergic to any ingredient in this medicine. Do not overuse a daily dose. Medicine is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Feed adjuncts should not be use as an alternative of patchworky and balansed diet. Keep away from little children, by temperature of the room (5 – 30 °C), in closed wrapping, on dry place. Protect from light and wet.

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Coenzyme Q10 60 caps - GymBeam

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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Coenzyme Q10 60 caps - GymBeam

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