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Animal Pak 44 packs - Universal Nutrition

Manufacturer: Universal Nutrition
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Animal Pak is 44 packs of minerals, vitamins which are enriched by essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. This multivitamin contains everything your body and muscles need. It is an excellent product which has an impact on the muscle mass growth and positively regenerates them. 

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Animal Pak 44 -a comprehensive assortment of almost 60 health-promoting ingredients in a practical package

Animal Pak 44 is a complex multivitamin in a practical package for every day. In addition to minerals and vitamins, you will find a spectrum of, salts, amino acids, antioxidants, enzyms and a complex to support performance. It contains almost 60 ingredients, which you can take in the right amount thanks to the practical packaging which including 11 tablets. 

The tablets contains vitamin C, D, E and B vitamins, as well as a number of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. They support the proper function of immune system, muscles, helps to keep healthy bones and reducing fatigue and exhaustion. They also help to protect cells from oxidative stress, proper metabolism and protein synthesis. 

Amino acids are also an important component, as they are the building blocks of protein in muscle tissue. Animal Pak 44 also contains extracts of several herbs and active substances, such as carnitine, milk thistle, lutein and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). Last but not least, you will find enzymes such as bromelain, inulin and papain. Animal Pak 44 is suitable for athletes and people with demanding physical activity, but also for anyone looking for a comprehensive source of nutrition to support health and proper body functioning.

  Animal Pak 44 sáčkov - Universal Nutrition

The basic benefits of the product

  • contains almost 60 important ingredients
  • it is a complex source of vitamins and minerals
  • contains extracts of herbs, amino acids and enzymes
  • improves immune system
  • supports the reduction of exhaustion
  • helps keep bones healthy
  • supports proper metabolism
  • has a practical form of packacing

Direction for use

Use one pack approximately 30 minutes after the last meal before training. Drink away with large amounts of water. During intensive training and after performances, use 2 packs daily. 



Dicalcium phosphate, Maltodextrin, choline citrate, magnesium stearate, tearic acid, parsley, burdock, alfalfa, watercress, brans, cellulose, rose hip, doesn't contain sugar, starch, preservatives and dyes.


Nutrition facts of product Animal Pak 44

Nutrition facts1 dose (2 packs)
Calories44 kcal
Protein5 g
Carbohydrates6 g
Vitamin A9900 IU
Vitamin C1000 mg
Vitamin D200 IU
Vitamin E300 mg
Thiamine19 mg
Riboflavin19 mg
Niacin31 mg
Vitamin B621 mg
Folic acid400 μg
Vitamin B126 mcg
Biotin300 μg
Pantothenic acid76 mg
Calcium2 g
Phosphorus1330 mg
Iod150 μg
Magnesium400 mg
Zinc25 mg
Selenium50 mcg
Copper600 μg
Chrome60 μg
Manganese5 mg
Amino acids
Alanine270 mg
Arginine510 mg
Aspartic acid580 mg
Cystine140 mg
Glutamic acid670 mg
Glycine100 mg
Glutamine260 mg
Histidine110 mg
Isoleucine (BCAA / EAA)340 mg
Leucine (BCAA / EAA)600 mg
Lysine (EAA)500 mg
Methionine (EAA)110 mg
Phenylalanine190 mg
Proline300 mg
Serine260 mg
Threonine (EAA)350 mg
Tryptophan (EAA)90 mg
Tyrosine170 mg
Valine (BCAA / EAA)241 mg
Performance improvement
Carnitine25 mg
Choline bitartrate250 mg
Hawthorn (berries)250 mg
Inositol125 mg
L-taurine500 mg
Ginseng root extract2000 mg
Para-aminobenzoic acid400 mg
Essential fatty acids
Citrus bioflavonides1000 mg
Coenzyme Q105 mg
Grape seed extract50 mg
Leutin1 mg
Lycopene1 mg
Pink peel extract200 mg
Digestive enzymes
Bromelain100 mg
Inulin250 mg
Papaine64 mg



Allergen warning: Made in a factory that also processes milk, soy, egss, peanuts, nutsfish, crustaceans and wheat.

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Animal Pak 44 packs - Universal Nutrition

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Animal Pak 44 packs - Universal Nutrition

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