Under Armour Women's Underwear and Swimwear

Women's Underwear and Swimwear from manufacturer Under Armour is made from high quality and comfortable fabrics that secure comfort during wearing. Mostly, it is made from 100 % wool or wool added with a mixture of modern synthetic materials. The highest quality underwear is mainly functional which means that it ventilates moisture, enhances perspiration blocking and secures the feeling of dryness. You will appreciate it during a hard workout at gym, while doing yoga, but also within an ordinary daily wear.

You can choose from a wide variety of women's underwear cuts, such as classic briefs, women's boxer briefs, thongs, shortie briefs or brazilian and french cut panties. When choosing the perfect underwear, you will be delighted with the underwear designs and colours, but you should not forget also about the proper size.


In this category, you can find also women's sports socks that are the perfect choice to wear at gym or when doing any kind of physical activity. They are great at blocking perspiration and they prevent from bacteria spreading, thanks to which they eliminate any unpleasant smells. That is why you will fall in love with them also for the everyday wear purposes.

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9 Items