Xucker Spreads

Spreads from manufacturer Xucker is a category that contains delicious spreads with a high-quality nutritional profile. They have a creamy consistency and are suitable for immediate consumption. You can either enjoy them by yourself or quickly conjure up refreshment for your guests in case you do not have time to prepare a homemade spread.

This category offers:

  • Protein spreads that are typical with their delicious taste and protein content. A great example is the MoiMüv Protein Spread, which is high in protein for muscle growth and their maintenance. It has truly an irresistible taste and makes for an excellent spread for children, which you can enjoy with them on toast, in porridge, smoothies, pancakes, or other recipes. In addition to its taste, our spreads will also delight you with a balanced ingredient profile that makes them ideal as an alternative to the usual sweet spreads or snacks. For all the lovers of healthy snacking, we have the Yum Yum Protein Spread, which is ideal for pastries, pancakes, porridges, smoothies, or desserts. It boasts a high protein content and a sweet taste, which it achieves despite being a spread without added sugar.
  • Nut and seed creams, such as the BIO Hazelnut & Cocoa Cream. It will win you over with its uncompromising BIO plant-based ingredient profile that makes it also perfectly suitable for vegans.
  • Jams, which are an essential part of toasts, porridges, pancakes, or popular sweet fitness recipes. An example of a fitness jam can be the fruit spread Jammy Spread, characterized by a low per serving calorie content and a fresh, fruity taste.
  • Salty spreads suitable for pastries, salad dressings, dips, or sauces. An example is the BIO Tahini with a low carbohydrate content, which is a key part of preparing homemade hummus. Moreover, it has a carefully selected ingredient profile in an uncompromising BIO quality suitable for vegans. It is a source of fats and fibre.

Have a taste of our various spreads that you will surely fall in love with. Of course, the final decision is up to you and your taste buds. If you are looking for a delicious spread to treat your guests, friends, have breakfast or simply a snack, this category has it all.

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  1. Strawberry jam - Xucker
    Strawberry jam - Xucker
    93 % (9)
  2. Raspberry jam - Xucker
    Raspberry Jam - Xucker
    100 % (10)
  3. Red fruits jam - Xucker
    Red Fruit Jam - Xucker
    80 % (1)
  4. Apricot jam - Xucker
    Apricot Jam - Xucker
    100 % (4)
  5. Plum Jam - Xucker
    Plum Jam - Xucker
    100 % (3)
  6. Nut Nougat cream - Xucker
    Nut Nougat cream - Xucker
    89 % (13)
  7. Cherry jam - Xucker
    Cherry Jam - Xucker
    100 % (2)

7 Items