SATURO RTD Beverages

RTD Beverages from manufacturer SATURO is a category that contains beverages ready for immediate consumption. One of the main benefits of RTD beverages is that they save time, which you would otherwise have to spend preparing them from an instant blend, such as in the case of pre-workouts. However, their ingredient profile is no less important, as it is designed for athletes and all the fans of a healthy lifestyle. 

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The RTD beverages category offers:

  • Protein drinks that promote muscle growth, such as the MoiMüv Protein Milkshake, which contains 24 grams of protein of high biological value. In addition, it has a delicious taste and does not contain any added sugar. 

  • Pre-workout drinks that will pour a great deal of good energy into your veins before each workout. An example is the Thor Shot, which promotes performance and a more efficient blood supply to the muscles. 

  • Energy drinks for athletes and all active people designed to boost energy levels. They can also energize you for any activity.  

  • Other RTD beverages that boost vitality and athletic performance, which will be appreciated by runners, cyclists, swimmers, but also football and basketball players and all other athletes engaged in demanding sports activities.  

You can enjoy these drinks at any time of the day. They are suitable before or after exercise or while hiking. In addition, they will not take up much space in your bag and are therefore ideal for travelling, as you can put them in the glove box of your car, and refresh yourself at work or at university.  

Enjoy our range of RTD beverages and experience their benefits for yourself.

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  1. Ready To Drink Food - SATURO
    Meal Replacement RTD 330 ml - SATURO
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    From €2.95
  2. Meal Replacement Drink - SATURO
    Meal Replacement Drink - SATURO
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