SKINS Men's Underwear & Swimwear

Men's Underwear & Swimwear from manufacturer SKINS is an important part of clothing mainly because of the hygienic reasons. During the training or any physical activity, it is particularly important to have high quality and comfortable underwear that is breathable and prevents from moisture formation. Thanks to this reason, our underwear is made mainly from 100 % wool or wool added with elastan, nylon and polyester. Modern synthetical materials are very popular among athletes, because they perfectly block sweat and they are able to retain the body temperature. Underwear designed for sport activities can secure the perfect comfort for you even during an ordinary day. When choosing the men's underwear, you should also consider design, colour and cut of the underwear which can be divided into boxers, trunks and briefs. 

However, in this category, you can also find sports socks that will keep your feet cosy and dry. You can choose from various types of socks - from ankle length socks, calf length socks, to knee high length socks. They will capture your attention not only because of its functionality, but also thanks to its high quality fabrics to which belongs also wool, cotton, nylon and spandex. Their purpose is mainly to block sweat and protect your feet from mould infections and bacteria spreading.

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