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Gainers from manufacturer Reflex Nutrition is a category of sports nutrition products that are high in nutrients, mainly carbohydrates and proteins, all in different ratios. This ensures that the resulting blend is high in energy and is therefore a great way to supplement or increase caloric intake. Using gainers is especially suitable for people who want to cover the high energy requirements of a physically demanding lifestyle or strenuous trainings. Alternatively, they can be used as a means to gain body weight. However, using them is also suitable for athletes who want to accelerate regeneration and build muscle mass.

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Types of gainers and their use:

  • Classic gainers typically contain more fast release carbohydrates and functions as a quick source of energy. Gainers with a higher carbohydrate content like this should be taken in conjunction with training. That is, before, after or in-between training phases in order to replenish energy. After a training, a classic gainer can be used in combination with protein or BCAAs, and thus increase its overall protein content and the resulting anabolic potential.
  • All-in-one blends typically contain a lower amount of carbohydrates, more protein and are also enriched with other carefully selected ingredients. This makes them a complex source of nutrients with a balanced profile of slow and fast absorbing proteins and carbohydrates, intended for an effective replenishment of energy and optimal regeneration of damaged muscle fibres. The ingredient profile of all-in-one blends includes vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, creatine or selected amino acids. All-in-one blends are, on the contrary, suitable after training or at any time of the day as a way to increase energy intake. Alternatively, as a substitute for 1-2 meals at a time when you have no time to spare. In addition, the all-in-one blends can be mixed together with milk, which increases the content of quality nutrients and energy. 

Which gainer should you pick then? That depends entirely on your goals. To quickly replenish your energy, reach for a classic gainer. In case you want an optimal way to increase your total energy intake or occasionally substitute your meals when you don't have time to cook, reach for an all-in-one blend. Choose from our wide offer and feel the magic of gainers on your own skin. 

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    Instant Mass® Heavyweight - Reflex Nutrition
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    One Stop XTREME - Reflex Nutrition
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