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PVL Gainers

PVL Gainers

PVL Gainers

Gainers from manufacturer PVL are protein-containing carbohydrate supplements designed for muscle mass growth, weight gain and increased caloric intake. The role of carbohydrates is to replenish glycogen into the muscles and supply the body with enough energy. Simple carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed and replenish energy immediately after workout. Complex carbohydrates are released into the body gradually and therefore guarantee long-term energy supply. Proteins promote muscle mass growth and rapid muscle tissue regeneration.

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Gainers are distinguished on the basis of the percentage of proteins they contain. Gainers with a protein content of up to 10% are suitable for athletes who have problems with gaining weight. Conversely, gainers with a higher protein content of up to 40% are designed to accelerate muscle growth. Some gainers may also contain amino acids, creatine, vitamins and minerals. Gainers are therefore primarily used to supplement quality nutrients that increase your daily caloric intake.


Gainers and their benefits:

  • promote muscle growth and weight gain
  • supply the body with energy
  • involved in the rapid regeneration of muscle tissue
  • supply the muscles with glycogen 
  • may contain amino acids, creatine, vitamins and minerals
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