Better Bodies Women's Fitness Leggings

Women's Fitness Leggings from manufacturer Better Bodies are a staple in the wardrobe of every active woman who wants to look good and feel even better while exercising. With a plethora of cuts, lengths, and designs available, every woman can find her ideal pair.

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What types of leggings do we have on offer?

  • For both everyday wear and sports, you'll fall in love with our seamless leggings, guaranteeing the utmost comfort. The irritation caused by seams is a thing of the past.
  • This category also offers functional fitness leggings suitable for home workouts and strength training at the gym. During such activities, you will appreciate their durability and reliable sweat-wicking properties. Plus, they are non-see-through, so you can confidently do deep squats without worry.
  • Of course, we've also thought about women engaged in activities like endurance training and outdoor adventures. They can choose from our sports leggings designed for running, hiking and other outdoor activities where staying dry and achieving maximum sweat-wicking is essential.
  • Every woman will also cherish our shaping leggings, which are perfect for rounding the butt with their ruched detailing.
  • Especially in colder weather, the functional MERINO thermo leggings will come in handy to keep you warm and maintain the temperature. This makes them suitable as a base layer for cold weather.
  • Female athletes who are all about maximum performance will appreciate compression leggings that help push boundaries and support recovery.
  • The highest level of practicality is offered by leggings with pockets. These allow you to store various small items such as your mobile phone, keys or money.

One significant advantage of fitness leggings is their versatility. You can wear our solid-coloured cotton pieces, easily combining them for everyday use. They are exceptionally pleasant on the body, ensuring you always feel great wearing them. These pieces will serve you well during yoga, leisurely walks, and other less intense activities. Functional leggings are then better suited for more intense activities, providing reliable sweat-wicking properties when you need it the most.

Sports leggings with varying waist height

  • If you want to achieve a narrow waist or are looking for leggings that will go perfectly with a sports bra or a cropped top, high-waisted leggings will be a great choice.
  • On the other hand, women who prefer not to cover their midriff will appreciate low-waisted women's sports leggings. When you then pair them with an oversized T-shirt, you have a stylish gym outfit ready to go in no time. 
  • Leggings with a medium-rise waist are the optimal compromise between the two aforementioned variants. They fit perfectly and also conceal any potential imperfections in your figure.

Whether you're heading out for shopping, taking a walk, going to the gym, or just want to exercise at home, leggings will always be the basis of a trendy and comfortable outfit. Then, all that's left is to decide whether you opt for the classic black leggings or for other colourful variations.

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