Renjer Dried Meat

Dried Meat from manufacturer Renjer is a category that covers popular snacks prepared according to modern as well as traditional recipes with the help of marinades, spices, but also without any seasonings. This means that you can choose from a wide range of high-quality products of various kinds. Of course, there is also the divine taste of first-class meat to please your taste buds. The offer of meats includes, for example, beef, chicken, turkey, moose or reindeer meat, but there is also salmon. The most important attribute that all these meats share is their high protein content, which gets as high as 76.8 g per 100 g. 

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On top of that, dried meat boasts an exceptional nutritional profile, which makes it the go-to delicacy of all the people around the world. The most popular choice is the Beef Jerky, which is also available in the form of a bar with low fat content. Dried meat is therefore the ideal delicacy for all those who adore savoury snacks but would like to indulge in their healthier alternatives. In addition, you can take it anywhere you go, and once you had a bite, you will know that you have just found your faithful travel companion.

Come and choose from our wide range of dried meat and discover the reason why people all over the world can't seem to get enough of it. 

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    Elk Jerky - Renjer
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  2. Sušené jelenie mäso Red Deer Jerky - Renjer
    Deer Jerky - Renjer
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    Reindeer Jerky - Renjer
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    From €6.95

3 Items