Purasana Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit from manufacturer Purasana is a category that offers juicy fruit in a dried form. This will be appreciated by all the lovers of dried, but also lyophilized fruit, which ranks among some of the most popular snacks. The reason for this is not only its irresistible taste, but also that this fruit comes without added sugar or other sweeteners. This is because it contains only natural sugars. 

It's therefore a great choice to satisfy the sweet tooth and also serves as a healthier alternative to traditional sweets. Lyophilized fruit is prepared using the process of freeze drying, thanks to which it retains the unique properties of fresh fruit. It has a unique aroma, rich colour and irresistible taste. This makes it especially great during winter, when the access to fresh fruit can be limited, and so lyophilized fruit comes in as a great substitute.

Like in the case of classic dried fruit, you can also enjoy it in the freeze-dried form at any time of the day. Either on its own as a refreshing snack, or as part of a balanced breakfast, yoghurt, porridge, or smoothie. In addition, it is also a great fit for cooking or baking, as it can visually liven up your recipes and bring their taste to perfection.

Come and have a taste of our wide range of dried fruits.

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