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Zipper-Bag is a specially crafted tool that you can use to prepare hot meals with a flameless ration heater, no need for fire or a stove. Manipulation with the zipper-bag is a child's play, really anyone can do it. It is also useable during blistering colds. No weather shall stand between you and your hot food. What's more, Zipper-bag can be used repeatedly and will be your indispensable partner on many adventures.

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Zipper-Bag - a practical tool for all hikers and adventurers who want to enjoy a hot meal without the need of fire or a stove

Zipper-Bag is very practical and made from a durable plastic that can withstand high temperatures and other harsh conditions. With the use of a flameless ration heater you can comfortably prepare a hot meal from the Adventure Menu brand. To generate heat, an exothermic reaction takes place, which is caused by calcium oxide and water. But you do not have to worry about your safety. The zipper-bag is sealed tightly, so all the chemical reactions take place only on the inside. Up to two meals can be heated up in the bag at the same time. Thanks to this, you can enjoy lunch with your partner in the mountains, without having to share your portion. 


The heating time in the zipper-bag changes according to the type of food being prepared. A sterilized dish is heated up in just about 12 minutes. On the other hand, a dried mixture will be ready in 20 minutes due to the necessary rehydration. The zipper-bag is super durable and can be used repeatedly. You can use it to gradually heat up several dozen of meals. Thanks to this, it will serve you well on many hikes or camping trips. In case you want to prepare a hot meal in cold weather, we recommend placing the zipper-bag on a backpack or piece of clothing, so that the heat does not dissipate into the ground. After all is said and done, you can enjoy a quality hot meal that will warm you up and provide energy for further hikes.       


Zipper-Bag & its benefits

  • durable plastic bag for heating Adventure Menu food
  • can be used repeatedly
  • can simultaneously heat up 2 meals of the Adventure Menu brand
  • exothermic reactions takes place on the inside
  • heating up food takes 12 or 20 minutes depending on the type of meal
  • no need for fire or a stove
  • enjoy a warm meal even in cold weather


Recommended use

Zipper-Bag is a special bag in which you heat up food with the help of flameless ration heaters from Adventure Menu.

It is made from an extra durable plastic to withstand high temperatures, harsh conditions and handling in nature. The bag is equipped with four holes to drain excess steam upon the activation of the exothermic reaction.     


How does the Zipper-Bag work? 

  1. Prepare the zipper-bag, a flameless ration heater and an Adventure Menu meal. 
  2. Take out the flameless ration heater from the sachet and place it at the bottom of the zipper-bag. Do not throw away the sachet yet, you will still need it. 
  3. In case you are preparing a sterile dish, place it directly in the zipper-bag. A dried mixture requires that you first pour an indicated amount of water into it, close it and only then place it in the zipper-bag. 
  4. Use the sachet from the flameless ration heater as a measuring cup. Pour water up to the indicated line and then pour the measured amount into the zipper-bag. Close it carefully so that the exothermic reaction can take place. 
  5. In case you are heating up a sterilized dish, you have to wait about 12 minutes. A dried mixture can take up to 20 minutes due to the necessary rehydration. 
  6. As soon as the specified time has passed, open the zipper-bag and take out your meal. The meal will probably be warmer at the bottom, so stir it thoroughly.
  7. The preparation is done. Enjoy your warm and delicious meal. 
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