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Yoga & Pilates from manufacturer Spokey is a category where you'll find everything you need for these meditative and full-body workout sessions. Experience their transformative power with the help of our products and embark on a journey towards a healthy body and mind. Whether you're an experienced yogi or just starting out, our range includes equipment for everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes. Set out on the path to greater strength, flexibility, and inner peace.

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What can you find in this category?

  • Exercise mats are one of the most important components of your yoga and Pilates sessions. Discover a wide range of mats made from high-quality materials that will provide you with the best workout experience. Each of them is unique and reflects specific needs. The offer includes yoga mats made from eco-friendly materials, ones that feature anti-slip surfaces, foldable mats, as well as creative and colourful yoga mats with various patterns. Different shapes and designs ensure that you can easily choose the right one that suits you best.
  • Massage foam rollers will help you with stretching and relaxing your muscles. With their help, you can increase your range of motion, achieving better flexibility, which will also aid you in some asanas. Using massage rollers, you can massage your back muscles and release muscle knots (trigger points), providing relief from muscle stiffness.
  • Resistance bands and expanders can be used for a full-body workout. With them, you'll be able to build strength, but they will also help you with stretching. The offer also includes resistance bands and expanders with different resistance levels, so you can pick one according to your abilities. There are longer resistance bands, expanders, or loop bands available as well. You can use them to strengthen your whole body, as part of warm-up exercises, or even for rehabilitation exercises. They are often used in Pilates, helping not only to tone the body, but also to improve flexibility.
  • Yoga blocks make for great companions when trying to achieve yoga poses. With them, you'll be able to maintain even the most challenging asanas without compromising proper technique. For example, they can help you in poses where you can't reach the ground with your hands. Blocks are especially suitable for beginners who want to gradually improve their flexibility, but experienced yogis also use them, especially in more challenging poses. However, yoga blocks can also be used for stretching, strength training, or as support for the buttocks during meditation.
  • Balance pads are great for stability and balance training. However, you'll also be able to build overall strength with them. They are also great for strengthening the core and can be used to exercise various muscle groups, making them versatile workout equipment.
  • Back relaxation and massage mats will help you relieve tension and relax stiff muscles. They are great for stretching the whole spine, which you'll especially appreciate if you spend long hours sitting or standing.
  • Then there are other accessories, such as mat bags or yoga slings, as well as non-slip socks and gloves, which will help make your yoga or Pilates sessions much more enjoyable. Thanks to the mat bags and slings, you'll be able to easily take your mat anywhere with you, and the non-slip gloves or socks will provide you with better stability while exercising.

But that's not all, our range also includes other practical aids, such as the acupressure mat, Pilates ring, or core sliders


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