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Women's Minimalist Logo Crop Top T-Shirt is ideal for training at the gym as well as outdoors during the hot summer days. Its cropped cut is designed to highlight your flat stomach and thin waistline. It is made from a pleasant cotton material, which is very breathable. Thanks to the admixture of elastane, it will fit your body perfectly, meaning that you'll feel great even during the most intense of your training sessions. 

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Women's Minimalist Logo Crop Top T-Shirt stands out with its breathability and trendy cut that highlights your shapely flat stomach

Women's Minimalist Logo Crop Top T-Shirt should be a basic piece in the wardrobe of every girl or woman enthusiastic about sports and active lifestyle. If you regularly work hard on your body, it's time to show it to your surroundings. This crop-cut t-shirt will reveal and highlight your hard-earned abs, and in combination with high-waisted shorts or leggings, it will also draw attention to your thin waistline. The loose cut with short sleeves provides maximum freedom of movement, meaning you'll be able to fully enjoy your training at the gym, as well as running, cycling, or simple walks and other leisure time activities. The top is made from pleasant cotton, which provides it with great breathability. Thanks to the admixture of elastane, it fits your body perfectly. You will never have to worry about sweating excessively due to the unsuitable material of your top. The single-colour design decorated with a subtle logo will let your surroundings know you are a woman who works hard on her body.



96 % cotton, 4 % elastane


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Bust circumference 72-86 cm 76-90 cm 80-94 cm 84-98 cm
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