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Women's High Waist Loose Fit Joggers are suitable for both sports and leisure. Aside from pleasant material, they stand out with their simple, single colour design, which makes them easy to combine with any top or hoodie. Their comfortable cut will win you over the moment you put them on.

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High Waist Loose Fit Joggers boast a comfortable cut, pleasant material and minimalist, easy to combine design 

Women's High Waist Loose Fit Joggers are a highly practical clothing item with a comfortable cut, which allows you maximum freedom of movement for both sports and leisure time activities. They have an elastic high waist, which will perfectly fit your body. The ankle cuffs ensure the length of the pants is always spot on, further adding to the practicality. The joggers are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, meaning you can expect maximum comfort. 


The simple design that makes them easy to combine with virtually any top is also an advantage worth mentioning. A good pair of joggers is an integral part of any wardrobe. Therefore, you can be sure you'll love wearing these, whether you're heading out to the gym, for a night out, or are simply staying at home, enjoying its comfort.  


High Waist Loose Fit Joggers & their advantages

  • practical joggers made from comfortable material
  • simple, easy to combine design
  • made from cotton and polyester
  • provide maximum comfort
  • ankle cuffs ensure the perfect length of pants
  • ideal for sport, going out or staying at home



88 % cotton, 12 % polyester. 


Size Chart

Size XS S M L
Length 92-96 cm 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-108 cm
Waist circumference 57-76 cm 59-78 cm 61-82 cm 84-98 cm
Hips circumference 82-102 cm 86-106 cm 90-110 cm 94-114 cm
Inner seam 72.5 cm 74.5 cm 76.5 cm 78.5 cm
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