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WNM Conform Pink is an anatomically shaped fitness belt for women. Its main task is to protect the back and body core during heavy weight exercise. The unmistakable stylish design is complemented by minimalist SWAROWSKI stones on the upper part of the belt.

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WMN Conform Pink - a stylish fitness belt for women with Swarowski stones for maximum comfort and safety during exercise

WMN Conform Pink is an anatomically shaped fitness belt for women. Thanks to the practical Velcro fastening, it easily adapts to your body and, besides, it is ultra-light. It perfectly protects your back and body core, and also serves as a prevention against injuries during heavy weight exercises. Its functionality is complemented by a stylish design with minimalist SWAROWSKI stones placed in the upper part of the belt.


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Waist circumference 48-65 cm 58-75 cm 68-85 cm 78-95 cm
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