Women‘s Exo Bench Top Black - SQUATWOLF


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Women's Exo Bench Top is a functional, long sleeve sports top ideal for training in colder environments. It reliably absorbs sweat and keeps you dry even during an intense workout. It sports a ventilation panel at the back and is suitable for working out at the gym, running, and outdoor activities.

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Women's Exo Bench Top with long sleeves is made from a functional, sweat-absorbing material 

Women's Exo Bench Top is the perfect choice for all the women who want to make sure that they stay warm and dry during their workout. It is made from a comfortable and functional material that combines polyester and elastane, thanks to which it reliably wicks away sweat. The top sports long sleeves and a mesh fabric panel placed at the back, which further adds to its breathability. The elastane admixture in the fabric makes sure that the top adapts perfectly to every body type. 


On top of all that, every strength training enthusiast is sure to appreciate the extra strip of durable fabric placed over the chest. It protects the top from any damage that may occur from using a barbell for exercises such as bench press, push press, clean and jerks, and others. This means it's particularly useful for the lovers of crossfit, heavy weightlifting and powerlifting. However, it is just as useful for other sports activities such as running, cycling, hiking, or as a base layer underneath other clothing that you may use for winter sports. Its timeless design captivates with a pattern reminiscent of snake skin. 


Women's Exo Bench Top & its advantages

  • a versatile long-sleeved sports top
  • made from a combination of polyester and elastane
  • equipped with a breathable ventilation panel at the back
  • highly flexible thanks to the admixture of elastane
  • adapts to every body type
  • functional fabric
  • reliably wicks away sweat
  • added strip of durable fabric at the chest area
  • timeless design
  • pattern reminiscent of snake skin
  • suitable for colder environments
  • ideal for strength training, running, cycling and other sports



Shell fabric: 87 % polyester, 13 % elastane
Inserts: 90 % polyester, 10 % elastane
Abrasion-resistant fabric: 93 % polyester, 7 % elastane


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Chest circumference 81-83 cm 86-89 cm 91-94 cm 97-102 cm 97-107 cm
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