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Women's Fit & Smart Biker Shorts sport a modern design and shape up your figure thanks to the  elaborate stitching technique used in their manufacturing. They sit firmly on the body without sliding, even during more intense exercise (for example, when performing squats). They are made from a flexible and fast drying material, providing you with maximum comfort during your workouts. 

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Women's Fit & Smart Biker Shorts boast an elaborate cut which highlights your shapely booty and thin waist 

Women's Fit & Smart Biker Shorts will highlight your shapely figure thanks to their elaborate cut. They boast a modern-looking high waist, which will also ensure that they stay in place even when performing deep squats. The sides are equipped with practical pockets, which serve to store small items such as your locker keys during your training. The shorts are made from a combination of polyamide and elastane, which absorbs sweat reliably and adjusts to every body type. 


Women's Fit & Smart Biker Shorts sport a simple and modern design decorated with a small NEBBIA logo on the side. They fit well with crop tops as well as any other clothes in your closet. They are ideal for gym, HIIT, crossfit, yoga or for running.



80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane. 


Size Chart

Inner seam 72.5 cm 74.5  cm 76.5 cm 78.5 cm
Waist circumference 57-76 cm 59-78 cm 61-82 cm 65-86 cm
Hips circumference 82-102 cm 86-106  cm 90-110 cm 94-114 cm
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