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Winter White Shaker is a practical bottle that will help you prepare pre-workout drinks to boost your game performance. It has a volume of  473 ml, it is lightweight, and made from BPA-free materials. Using this shaker, you'll be able to easily prepare any of your favourite soluble instant drinks. It can also double down as a secure sports bottle, with which you can be sure you won't spill any of its contents in the heat of the game. It seals its contents efficiently, sports a minimalistic design and a compact size. 

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Winter White Shaker - a practical sports bottle that will help you maintain your water intake during any game

Winter White Shaker is a bottle with a strainer, ideal for preparing pre-workout supplements that will give you the kick you need before every match. It will also help you maintain your water intake throughout the game, avoiding unpleasant symptoms of dehydration such as fatigue and lack of focus, which could easily cost you the victory. This shaker is a much better option than a usual glass or cup. It has a tightly sealing lid, which means you will never have to worry about spilling any drinks over your expensive hardware in the heat of the game.


Another great advantage of this product is that it will also do the job outside the virtual world. You can take it out to your trainings or wherever you go. Additionally, it contains no toxic plastics and is entirely BPA-free. It has a volume of 473 ml and is lightweight, but durable. It captivates with its minimalistic, transparent design, decorated with the G Fuel logo. This makes it a necessary part of equipment of every gamer who cares about their results and also enjoys an active lifestyle.


Winter White Shaker & its advantages

  • a shaker with tightly sealing lid for pre-workout supplements
  • the strainer helps dissolve any instant drink mix
  • helps you maintain your drinking regime throughout every game
  • never worry about spilling your drink over your keyboard thanks to a sealing lid
  • BPA-free
  • volume of 473 ml 
  • lightweight but durable
  • tight seal and compact size
  • minimalistic design with the G Fuel logo
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