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Weightlifting Steel Chain is a practical 10 kg weight with a length of 1.8 metres. It will effectively provide additional resistance to your strength training exercises, whether it's bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups or bar dips, or exercises with a barbell, such as squats, deadlifts or bench press.

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Weightlifting Steel Chain - a training tool for increasing the resistance on your squats, deadlifts, pull-ups or bar dips

Weightlifting Steel Chain is a popular tool for adding extra resistance to your strength training. It has a weight of 10 kg and can be used for a wide variety of bodyweight exercises. Simply place it over the back of your neck to increase the challenge in your pull-ups, push-ups, bar dips, and other exercises. However, since the end of the chain is equipped with a practical sleeve that can be attached to a barbell, you can easily add extra weight to your barbell exercises such as squats, deadlift or bench press using two chains. The chain is 1.8 m long, which means that the resistance increases incrementally as you lift the barbell up, since the chain partially rests on the ground when the barbell is lowered.


The Weightlifting Steel Chain is, as opposed to weight plates, not a static weight, meaning its use engages your core more, as it needs to provide additional stability to the body. This training tool is therefore the ideal choice for all the athletes looking to upgrade their workouts to the next level. 


Weightlifting Steel Chain - GymBeam


Weightlifting Steel Chain & its advantages

  • a practical exercise tool for strength training
  • a single product package contains one chain and one barbell attachment sleeve
  • made from sturdy material
  • weight of 10 kg
  • length of 1.8 m
  • comes with a barbell attachment sleeve
  • increases resistance in bodyweight and barbell exercises
  • ideal for squats, deadlifts and bench press
  • ideal for pull-ups, push-ups and bar dips





Technical details of Weightlifting Steel Chain

Weight 10 kg
Length 1.8 m
Width 62 mm
Product detail
Made in China
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
EAN 8586024620056
HS code 95069190: --- Ostatné
Netto weight 10.50 kg
Number of pieces per pallet 1 pc.
Number of pieces per package 1 pc.
Brutto weight 10.50 kg
Length 19.00 cm
Width 19.00 cm
Height 19.00 cm
Main category Other Workout Equipment
Other categories Workout Accessories
Fitness & Exercises Equipment
Home Workout
Home Workout Other
Weight Bars, Barbells & Dumbbells


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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