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Wallmount Rig - Extensions is a functional addition to our Wallmount Rig, that creates extra space for full body workouts. It is ideal for free weight as well as body weight exercise (such as pull-ups) or for installing a suspension system. It stands out with its sturdy steel material, durable coating and exceptional stability. 

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Wallmount Rig - Extension offers extra space for athletes looking to do full body workouts with free weights or bodyweight 

Wallmount Rig - Extension is an additional part to the Wallmount Rig, which should be a part of every home gym. Simply add it to your Rig and create extra space for more people to work out together with you. The extension is indispensable for creating your own circuit training, or for working out with your friends (for example in a group crossfit WOD).


Just like the base Wallmount Rig, the Extension is made from high quality, sturdy steel with the wall width of 3 mm, which ensures high stability during exercise. To add to this extension's versatility, each support beam of the structure has slots placed along their entire length. In the middle section, the slot spacing is reduced down to 25 mm intervals (westside hole spacing). Thanks to this, the construction can be adjusted individually to fit the needs of every user. 

Thanks to its design, the Extension is ideal for everyone who works out using free weights. Simply clamp J-cup hooks onto it, add Olympic bar with disc weights and you're ready to use the rig for weighted squats. Combined with adjustable bench, it can serve you for doing bench-presses and other upper body workouts. The extension is also ideal for athletes who prefer using their own bodyweight for exercise.

The structure of the extension is equipped with two bars, which can be used for pull-ups, hanging knee raises or other exercises. In addition, it can be used to hang a suspension exercise system, or a variety of resistance bands and expanders, that will facilitate pull-ups or offer new ways of working out. The black paint is applied via powder coating in the best quality, meaning the entire structure will look like new even after long-term regular use. This is an ideal aid for full body workouts both at home and at the gym. The Wallmount Rig, together with its Extension is an indispensable part of every croffsit gym. 


Wallmount Rig - Extension & its advantages

  • multifunctional workout tool
  • expands your Wallmount Rig with extra space
  • for full body workouts
  • for training at home or at the gym
  • solid steel structure with 1 steel support beam
  • provides maximum stability
  • weight limit of 300 kg
  • slots allow for height adjustability
  • ideal for free weight or body weight training
  • painted using powder coating 


Contents of the package

The package also contains the connecting material necessary for installation. (6 square bolts, nuts and washers).





Properties of the Wallmount Rig - Extension

Width 113 cm
Depth 113 cm
Height 230 cm
Weight limit 300 kg


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