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Waist Shredder is made for everyone looking to increase their sweating in the abdominal area for the purpose of draining it of its excess water. It is very pleasant to wear and can be worn for hours without causing discomfort. It perfectly adjusts to both male and female figures

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Waist Shredder is the perfect accessory for both men and women looking to sport a thin waistline

Waist Shredder should be among the essential equipment of everyone looking for a way to thin out their waistline. It is made from a combination of polyester and nylon, thanks to which it is highly durable and pleasant to wear. Its fabric is specifically designed to hold in the heat and produce a localized sauna effect. Once you place it around your waist and tighten it up, you will immediately feel the area is producing and releasing extra sweat. 


This way, your body will release more water around the abdomen than it would without it while working out. As a result, your waist will temporarily appear thinner and more toned. This can be particularly useful for ladies who want to fit into a tight evening dress and want to reduce their waistline to feel more comfortable. The localized sauna effect can be of equally good use to competitive athletes during their pre-competition prep period, especially on the day when they need to lose any excess water to comply with the weight limit for their intended category. 


One of the great advantages of Waist Shredder is the great comfort it provides. The fabric is pleasant to wear and can be therefore easily worn for hours without causing any discomfort. This ultimately contributes to the overall result. In addition, it helps maintain any heat in and around your hips and waist, which can come in handy when exercising in colder weather conditions, or doing winter sports. If you are looking for an effective way to keep your midsection warm during the training, increase the sweating rate in the area and temporarily reduce your waistline, Waist Shredder is the best company you can get.


Waist Shredder & its advantages

  • an effective accessory for thinning out your waistline
  • made from a combination of neoprene and polyester
  • works by producing a sauna effect in the area
  • warms up your midsection and increases sweating in the area
  • by boosting the sweating in the abdominal area, it drains it of water
  • pleasant to wear
  • can be adjusted as required
  • best used during endurance activities



- 80 % neoprene, 20 % nylon

- polyester seams



Thanks to its extra long Velcro fastening system, this unisex product fits both men and women in all sizes.



Wash only with a mild detergent and the same colour laundry, do not use fabric softener.

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