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Vented Run Tee is an elastic functional t-shirt for men. It is ideal for every type of training, and designed to highlight your arm musculature. Thanks to the combination of polyester and elastane, the fabric is highly durable and flexible, all while keeping you dry through intense physical performance. 

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Vented Run Tee is an elastic and functional men's t-shirt that keeps you dry at every training session  

Vented Run Tee is a functional and elastic t-shirt for men made from a combination of elastane and polyester. It is durable, flexible and quick to dry off, which you will certainly appreciate during any training session, as it will keep you dry and comfortable throughout. The polyester present in the inner layer is recyclable and maintains its shape even when washed regularly. 


The fabric is completed with an admixture of elastane, which ensures the t-shirt remains flexible, meaning it will easily adjust to your body. What's more, his t-shirt is equipped with ventilation panels that ensure maximum air flow. Thanks to this feature, the t-shirt is breathable and doesn't stick to the body uncomfortably. It is ideal for a variety of sports activities such as running or cycling, as well as working out at the gym, where it will highlight your arm musculature. Without any doubt, Vented Run Tee will not remain sitting idly in your wardrobe.


Men's Vented Run Tee & its advantages

  • an elastic functional t-shirt
  • made from polyester and elastane 
  • durable and flexible
  • dries off quickly, keeping you dry when exercising
  • maintains its shape through regular washing
  • equipped with venting panels that prevent fabric from sticking to the body uncomfortably
  • provides sufficient freedom of movement during exercise
  • ideal for gym, running or cycling
  • perfectly highlights your arm musculature



Top layer 87% polyester 13% elastane
Inner layer 100% recycled polyester


Size Chart

Chest circumferenc (cm) 86 - 96 97 - 107 108 - 114 115 - 123 124 - 127
UK size 34 - 38 38 - 40 40 - 42 42 - 44 44 - 46
USA size 34 - 38 38 - 40 40 - 42 42 - 44 44 - 46
EU size 44 - 46 46 - 48 48 - 52 50 - 54 54 - 56
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