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Venison Ragout with Potato Dumplings is a hunting travel specialty for real gourmets. It contains delicious venison, potato dumplings, red wine, vegetable sauce and delicious spice mix. It is a full-fledged and nutritious food for those who do not want to give up delicious gastronomic experiences during hiking.

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Venison ragout with potato dumplings - a hunting specialty for those who do not want to give up gastronomic experiences during hiking

Venison ragout with potato dumplings is a real specialty that you can take with you anywhere for hiking. It is a combination of tasty venison, delicious potato dumplings, root vegetable sauce, red wine and spices. This full-fledged and nutritious meal is also proof that you don't have to give up your gastronomic experience while hiking.


You can prepare it very easily by following the directions. You will be enchanted by the captivating aroma which is a sign of a tasty lunch. In addition, this venison ragout with potato dumplings is hand-prepared following a traditional recipe and therefore does not contain any unwanted additives. It is best enjoyed on any hiking hill with beautiful views. However, you can also enjoy the venison ragout with potato dumplings at home when you do not have much time left to prepare lunch. This full-fledged meal will reliably satiate you.


Venison Ragout with Potato Dumplings - Adventure Menu


Venison Ragout with Potato Dumplings & its benefits

  • a gourmet specialty in the form of tasty venison, potato dumplings and root vegetable sauce
  • an ideal dish for traveling or during time-consuming days at home
  • just warm it up and enjoy
  • satiates reliably
  • made of quality ingredients that will provide you with enough energy


30% venison meat, 28% potato dumplings (potato, wheat flour, wheat semolina, eggs, salt), root vegetables (carrot, celery, parsley), red wine, sunflower oil, fat, tomato purée (tomatoes, salt, sugar), wheat flour, lemon, red-currant jam (red-currants, sugar, pectin), sugar, salt, wild spices.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values100 g
Energy value 622 kJ / 148.6 kcal
Fat 4.6 g
of which saturated fats 1.6 g
Carbohydrates 17.8 g
of which sugars 12.2 g
Protein 8.8 g
Salt 1.3 g


Store in a dry place at a temperature of 1 - 30 ° C. Protect from frost. Store the opened product in the refrigerator and use within 48 hours. Minimum shelf life: See the packaging.

Allergen warning: The product contains: potato flakes, SO2, wheat flour, wheat semolina, celery, egg mixture.


How to prepare the meal?

You can prepare the meal in three ways:

  • Pour the contents of the pouch into a saucepan or a mug and heat up on a stove or fire. 
  • Put the sealed pouch in hot water, which will heat it up.
  • Use a zipper-bag and a flameless ration heater (not included).                              


Instructions for preparing a sterilized meal using the zipper-bag and the flameless ration heater

  1. Prepare the pouch with food, the zipper-bag and the flameless ration heater.
  2. Take the pouch with the flameless ration heater and tear it across to the marked line. Take out the flameless ration heater but do not throw away the pouch. 
  3. Open the zipper-bag and place the flameless ration heater into it. To heat up one meal, you will need 20 g flameless ration heater. To heat up two meals or in the event that the outside temperature drops below 0 °C, it is recommended to use 50 g flameless ration heater. 
  4. The flameless ration heater must be placed at the bottom of the zipper-bag, where you will also place the sealed pouch with food. 
  5. Use the pouch from the flameless ration heater as a water measuring cup. Pour water (can be cold) up to the marked line, and then pour it into the zipper-bag. 
  6. When you have the flameless ration heater, sealed food pouch and a measured amount of water in the zipper-bag, you can close it tightly at the top. 
  7. In the winter, place a backpack or piece of clothing under the zipper-bag so that the heat does not dissipate into the ground. 
  8. Wait 12 minutes, after which you can carefully open the zipper-bag and take out the finished meal. 
  9. Open the pouch with food. The meal will probably be colder at the top and warmer at the bottom. Therefore, stir it thoroughly.  
  10. Enjoy a hearty meal that will give your body the quality nutrients and energy needed to push further on the adventure. 

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