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Sweeteners from manufacturer VanaVita is a category of products for flavouring sweet or salty dishes and drinks. Here you can find healthier alternatives to sugar, as well as low-calorie and calorie-free sweeteners. These are guaranteed to please all those who would like to reduce their energy intake, lose weight or limit sugar in their diet without giving up sweet dishes. Of course, honey and natural syrups are also included. These are suitable for cooking, baking, but also for making drinks. Therefore, those who like to indulge in sweet treats will definitely find something to their liking.

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Most popular types of sweeteners

Stevia is a category that covers products sweetened with plant-based sweeteners. This is perhaps the reason these sweeteners are one of the most popular sugar alternatives. They are typically calorie-free and have a 200-300 times greater sweetness value than sugar. Sweeteners made from the stevia plant come typically in the form of a powder, drops, or tablets. They are used as a sugar substitute in baking, but also for the preparation of various drinks.

Another popular alternative to sugar is xylitol, which is also known as birch sugar. This one is also suitable for those who would like to save some calories. Compared to the traditional (beet) sugar, it boasts the same sweetness value, but contains about 40 % fewer calories. If choose to replace sugar with xylitol, you will also contribute to maintaining the mineralization of teeth. Xylitol is suitable for cooking, baking and preparing various drinks.

That said, if you'd rather sweeten your dishes without adding any calories at all, you can reach for erythritol. Apart from the fact that it is calorie-free, it also boasts a zero glycaemic index, due to which it does not increase blood sugar levels. Another big benefit is that it has up to 70% the sweetness value of sugar. This makes it the ideal companion for your diet. It has a naturally sweet taste that will enrich your porridges, desserts, and smoothies.

However, if you like to bake, you should definitely have honey in your pantry. As you may know, honey contains quite a few beneficial substances and tastes delicious, which makes it a popular and healthier alternative to sugar. It also boasts a wide range of uses in the kitchen. In addition to baking sweet treats, you can use it to sweeten coffee, tea, smoothies or cereal porridges. What's more, it is also used in marinades or as part of salad dressings. 

You can find other sugar alternatives and substitutes among other sweeteners. All the lovers of natural flavours will surely find something to their liking in this subcategory. This is because it includes date, agave, and maple syrup. Lastly, when you decide to bake something good, you will definitely appreciate the date paste or the BIO Lucuma fruit powder, which comes from the sweet fruit of a plant called Pouteria lucuma.

Come and choose something from our wide range of sweeteners that you can use to prepare healthy desserts and other dishes.

If you want to learn more about sweeteners, check out the following article: Sugar Substitutes - Which Sweetener Is Right for You?

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