Power Bar Original - Jerky

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Power Bar Original is a protein snack and an exceptional source of protein with a minimum of sugar. It contains no added glutamates, is gluten-free.

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Power Bar Original - a tasty protein snack with a minimum content of sugar and fats

Power Bar Original is dried and salted meat of premium quality. It is a snack with an exceptional source of proteins and a minimum of sugar. In addition, you can take it anywhere on the roads and for trips. The dried meat contains no added glutamates, is gluten-free. Try a healthy and tasty snack, suitable for all occasions.


Steak Bar Original and its benefits

  • excellent protein snack
  • is a great source of protein
  • contains a minimum of sugar
  • contains no added glutamates and is gluten-free
  • suitable for trips and travelling



Beef 77%, moisturizer: glycerol, collagen, sea salt, spice mixture, natural aroma


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy value 1156 kJ / 275 kcal
Protein 41 g
Carbohydrates 7,9 g
of which sugar <0,5 g
Fats 7,2 g
of which fatty acids 3,0 g
Salt 2,83 g



Consume within 48 hours of opening. The oxygen absorber in the package is not suitable for consumption.

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