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SmartShake Original is a premium quality shaker composed of three compartments for tabs, capsules and powder nutrition supplements. It's made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic material and is suitable for placing in a microwave oven, freezer as well as dishwasher. It comes in a variety of neon colours, and by buying several colour pieces you can create your own favourite colour combination scheme. 

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SmartShake Original - an intelligent neon-coloured shaker with 600 ml of volume and two additional compartments for powder and tab nutrition supplements

SmartShake Original is a premium quality shaker with three separate compartments for storing tabs, capsules or protein powder supplements. It is made using a 100% impermeable and BPA-free plastic material, which allows you to heat the shaker's contents in a microwave oven, freeze them in a freezer and also to wash the shaker in a dishwasher. Simply put, this product is designed for convenience in everyday life. It has a unique, compact and lightweight design, and thanks to the tight-fitting strainer, there are no moving parts on the inside. It comes in a variety of neon colours, and by buying several pieces at once, you can construct your own favourite colour combinations. 


SmartShake Original Neon shaker


SmartShake Original & its advantages

  • a shaker with the volume of 600 ml
  • consists of three separate compartments for a drink, powder supplements and tabs or capsules
  • includes a functional strainer for effective mixing
  • made from high quality non-toxic plastic without any BPA or DEHP
  • scale in millilitres (ml) and ounces (oz)
  • durable and impact resistant
  • suitable for microwave oven, dishwasher or freezer
  • complies with food safety regulations
  • available in a variety of neon colours


How to use the shaker?

Simply add the desired amount of the nutrition supplement of your choice - protein powder, creatine powder, or pre-workout stimulant. Add water, milk, or fruit juice, close tight and shake until the powder dissolves completely. Thanks to the roller placed on the inside, the powder dissolves quickly and you can enjoy your drink within just a few seconds.

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