Climaqx Smart Exercise Tools

Smart Exercise Tools from manufacturer Climaqx is a category of products that use a combination of modern technologies with traditional or new exercise tools. Thanks to this, exercise takes on an entirely different dimension. In this category, you will find, for example, various training sets, with which you can easily exercise the whole body. By using a Smart Skipping Rope, for example, you can burn a decent number of calories in a short amount of time. It features several smart modes that will assist you and make it easier to train for a preset period of time or number of jumps. However, you can also jump according to your own preference. In this case, the skipping rope will keep track of the duration of your exercise and the number of jumps. On top of that, numerous fitness applications that were developed specifically for some of these products will provide for an even more effective workout and great fun. 

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Moreover, this category isn't just about exercise tools, as smart technologies are also providing the market with accessories designed to help with regenerate after sports performance. The combination of a battery powered vibrating core and a traditional foam roller, which is designed for massaging and activating stiff muscles, makes using foam roller more effective. You can also try the massage gun, which is another smart helper in the athlete's equipment, thanks to its powerful motor. Smart exercise tools are here to boost your performance, regeneration, and help you better measure your progress with the use of technology. 





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